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Recent Applications of Levoglucosenone as Chiral Synthon

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 4 ]


Ariel M. Sarotti, Maria M. Zanardi and Rolando A. Spanevello   Pages 439 - 459 ( 21 )


Modern organic synthesis requires easily obtainable chiral building blocks that show high chemical versatility for their application in diverse synthetic processes. The main purpose of this review is to present a survey of the scientific literature on levoglucosenone chemistry to provide an up-to-date on different stereoselective synthetic strategies for the construction of biologically important compounds, chiral inductors or templates for organic synthesis.


Levoglucosenone, biomass, cellulose, carbohydrates, green chemistry, tetrodotoxin, bioactive compounds, chiral synthon, asymmetric synthesis, chiral inductors, Diels-Alder.


Instituto de Quimica Rosario, Facultad de Ciencias Bioquimicas y Farmaceuticas, Universidad Nacional de Rosario- CONICET, Suipacha 531, S2002LRK Rosario, Argentina.

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