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One-Pot Annulation of 2-Naphthol Analogs to Heterocycles

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 5 ]


Doug Vaughan, Ajay B. Naidu and Amitabh Jha   Pages 613 - 649 ( 37 )


2-Naphthol and its analogs are widely used starting materials for a large variety of target molecules which range from natural products to compounds of medicinal importance. Having a cascade of reactions occur in one pot is highly advantageous for green chemistry, as it reduces time, energy and solvent consumption. With 2-naphthol being such a versatile and widely used starting material capable of reaction with a variety of synthons, it is logical that there is interest in making these syntheses greener. The ability to perform onepot multi-component cascade reactions can translate into saved time and reduced solvent use, and lower energy consumption. With movement towards greener chemical syntheses, one-pot cascade reactions are highly desired for their efficiency both in time and in atom economy. This review provides an account of all one-pot cyclization reactions of 2-naphthol to date, along with product yield and mechanistic pathway in an attempt to aid fellow chemists studying 2-naphthol chemistry.


2-Naphthol, heterocycles, one pot synthesis, addition, cyclization reactions, electrophilic aromatic substitution, multi-component reactions, Mannich reactions, green chemistry, drug synthesis


Department of Chemistry, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R6, Canada.

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