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Entry to Tertiary Carbinamines Bearing a gem-Diaryl Group by Copper-Catalyzed Grignard Addition to Cyclic Sulfamidate Imines.

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 5 ]


Arigala Pitchaiah, Miri Kim, In Taek Hwang and Kee-In Lee   Pages 798 - 802 ( 5 )


We report a convenient access to tertiary carbinamines bearing a gem-diaryl group by Cu-catalyzed aryl Grignard addition to cyclic sulfamidate imines and sulfamide imines. The synthesis of hetero-functionalized 1,2-ethylene derivatives by ring-opening of the resulting sulfamidates is also described.


Copper triflate, gem-diaryl group, Grignard addition, sulfamidate, tertiary carbinamine.


Green Chemistry Division, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Taejon 305-333, Korea.

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