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First Girgensohnine Analogs Prepared Through InCl3-catalyzed Strecker Reaction and their Bioprospection

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 6 ]


Leonor Y. Vargas Mendez and Vladimir V. Kouznetsov   Pages 969 - 973 ( 5 )


An efficient preparation of the girgensohnine and its close analogs with α-aminonitrile structure, and their spectral characterization were reported for the first time. The piperidine α-aminonitriles were obtained through 5 mol% InCl3-catalyzed one-pot Strecker reaction, and tested for antioxidant activity and AChE inhibitory properties. It was found that girgensohnine possesses a moderate AChE inhibitory property while its spiroanalog shows good antioxidant capacity.


AChE inhibitory activity, alkaloids, α-Aminonitriles, antioxidant capacity, girgensohnine, Strecker reaction.


Laboratorio de Quimica Organica y Biomolecular, Escuela de Quimica, Universidad Industrial de Santander, A.A. 678 Bucaramanga, Colombia.

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