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Orthogonally Protected Oxadiazole-Based Building Blocks: Synthesis and Characterization

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 1 ]


Ziga Jakopin   Pages 126 - 131 ( 6 )


We present a straightforward route for the preparation of orthogonally protected oxadiazole-based building blocks in high yields. Their structures contain a Boc-protected amine and an ester group, thus rendering the compounds amenable to functionalization or integration into larger structures. Thus, we provided access to interesting and innovative building blocks/decorated scaffolds for drug discovery.


1, 2, 4-oxadiazole, 1, 3, 4-oxadiazole, building block, privileged structure, scaffold.


University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy, Askerceva 7, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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