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Developments of Corey-Chaykovsky in Organic Reactions and Total Synthesis of Natural Products

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 3 ]


Majid M. Heravi, Shima Asadi, Niousha Nazari and Boshra Malekzadeh Lashkariani   Pages 308 - 333 ( 26 )


The reactions of sulfur ylides with carbonyl, olefin or imine compounds named as the Corey- Chaykovsky, provide oxiranes, cyclopropane or aziridine, respectively. In this report, we try to introduce this important name reaction and highlight a comprehensive overview on the applications of this useful reaction in synthetic organic chemistry and total synthesis of natural products.


Corey-Chaykovsky, epoxidation, dimethylsulfoxonium methylide, dimethylsulfonium methylide, organic and total synthesis.


Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Alzahra University, Vanak, 1993891176 Tehran, Iran.

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