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Efficient Synthesis of Polysubstituted Tetrahydrothiopyran Sulfoxides by the Reaction of α,β -Unsaturated Ketones and Na2S

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 4 ]


Dong-Dong Chen, Nai-Xing Wang, Xing-Wang Lan, Wei Zhang, Cui-Bing Bai, Hui-Ling Geng, Le Zhou and Yi-He Li   Pages 651 - 655 ( 5 )


A catalyst-free condensation reaction of α,β -unsaturated ketones and sodium sulfide in CH3CN-H2O mixture (1:1) was established to prepare a variety of polysubstituted tetrahydrothiopyrans in good to excellent yields. The obtained tetrahydrothiopyrans were oxidized with MCPBA to the corresponding sulfoxides in good yields. The present research is the first report on synthesis of polysubstituted tetrahydrothiopyran sulfoxides


α, β-unsaturated ketones, sodium sulfide, tetrahydrothiopyran, sulfoxides, synthesis.


Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100190, P. R. of China and College of Science, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100, China.

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