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General and Simple Method for the Synthesis of 3-nitroformazan Using Arenediazonium Tosylates

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 4 ]


Pavel V. Petunin, Rashid R. Valiev, Rodion G. Kalinin, Marina E. Trusova, Viktor V. Zhdankin and Pavel S. Postnikov   Pages 623 - 628 ( 6 )


A general and simple procedure for the synthesis of 3-nitroformazan using arenediazonium tosylates was developed. This convenient procedure can be applied for the preparation of 3-nitroformazans containing electron-donating or electron-withdrawing groups. First the anomaly 1,5-bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-3-nitroformazan was synthesized as the mixture of TSSC (trans-syn, s-cis) and previously unknown for 3-nitroformazans TASC (transanti, s-cis) isomers. The structure and spectral characteristics of TASC isomer were explained using quantumchemical calculation with TDDFT/B3LYP/6–31++G(d,p) level of theory.


Arenediazonium tosylates, azo-coupling, diazonium salts, formazans, quantum-chemical calculations, TDDFT.


Tomsk Polytechnic University, 43a, Lenin Avenue, 634050 Tomsk, Russia.

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