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Recent Advances in Metal-Catalyzed Heterocyclic C-P Bond Formation

[ Vol. 18 , Issue. 4 ]


Feng Xu* and Yu Hui   Pages 377 - 387 ( 11 )


The phosphorus-containing heterocycles are an important class of compounds in organic chemistry. Because of their potential application in many fields, especially, the synthetic pesticides, medicine and catalyst, the phosphorus-containing heterocycles have attracted continuous attention from organic synthesis scientists. The development of efficient and low-cost catalytic systems is of great interest for the construction of heterocycles C-P bond. Usually, the phosphorus-containing heterocycles is prepared via direct carbon–hydrogen (C-H) bond activation or pre-functionalized of heterocycles with phosphorus-hydrogen (P-H) bond of phosphorus compounds reaction by metal-catalyzed. This review summarizes recent progress in the heterocycles C-P bond formation reactions by metal-catalyzed, which mainly focus on the discussion of the reaction mechanism. It aims to provide efficient methods for the future synthesis and application in this field.


Phosphorus-containing heterocycles, metal-catalyzed, C-P bond, cross-coupling reaction, C-H bond activation, radical addition.


School of Mathematics and Information Science, Guiyang University, Guiyang 550005, Chaotic Matter Science Research Center, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology Nanchang Campus, Nanchang 330013

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