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Progress in the Synthesis of Guanacastepenes

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 2 ]


Mirta Mischne   Pages 261 - 279 ( 19 )


Guanacastepene A is a novel diterpene isolated from cultures of an unidentified fungus growing on the tree Daphnopsis americana. Its new molecular structure and its interesting biological property as antibiotic render this compound an attractive synthetic target. This review aims to summarise the chemistry associated to the construction of this molecule including synthetic strategies developed for the elaboration of related model systems.


bacterial strains, antibiotic, bioactive metabolites, daphnosis americana, microorganisms, nmr experiments, crystallography


Instituto de Quimica Organica de Sintesis (CONICET-UNR) Facultad de Ciencias BioquĂ­micasy Farmeceuticas, 2000 Rosario, Argentina.

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