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Transition Metal Complexes in Organic Synthesis, Part 70&#. Synthesis of Biologically Active Carbazole Alkaloids Using Organometallic Chemistry

[ Vol. 1 , Issue. 4 ]


Hans-Joachim Knolker   Pages 309 - 331 ( 23 )


The isolation and biological activity of carbazole alkaloids is summarized. Recent developments of novel methodologies for the synthesis of carbazole alkaloids are described. The focus is on syntheses using the oxidative coupling of arylamines with either arenes, cyclohexadienes, or cyclohexene mediated or catalyzed by palladium, iron, or molybdenum. The implementation of these annulations in total syntheses provides highly convergent routes to biologically active carbazole alkaloids. Advantages, scope, and limitations of the different synthetic methods are discussed.


carbazole alkaloids, cyclohexene, cyclohexadienes, arylamines


Institut fur Organische Chemie, Technische Universitat Dresden, Bergstrasse 66, 01069 Dresden,Germany.

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