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Transition Metals-Mediated Reformatsky Reactions

[ Vol. 1 , Issue. 2 ]


F. Orsini and G. Sello   Pages 111 - 135 ( 25 )


The reaction of α-haloesters and carbonyl compounds in the presence of metallic zinc to give β- hydroxy esters represents a powerful synthetic tool for carbon-carbon bond formation. Since its discovery by Reformatsky, this reaction has been undergoing several improvements and its scope and selectivity have been considerably extended. To this purpose many parameters, such as metal activation, reaction temperature, solvent, properly designed reactants and substrates have been investigated. Furthermore, reactions are not restricted to the use of zinc, but include a variety of other metals or metal derivatives. Among them, transition metals may offer important advantages in terms of milder conditions, higher reproducibility and stereoselectivity.


reformatsky reactions, transition metals-mediated reformatsky reactions, catalytic reformatsky reactions


Dipartimento di Chimica Organica e Industriale, Universita degli Studi di Milano, via Venezian 21,20133 Milano, Italy.

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