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Recent Advances on P,N-Containing Ligands for Transition-Metal Homogeneous Catalysis

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 3 ]


Ioannis D. Kostas   Pages 227 - 249 ( 23 )


Phosphorus- and nitrogen-containing ligands are among the most important and widely used ligands for transition-metal homogeneous catalysis (asymmetric or not). The present review combines information on the recent advances for the syntheses of these heterodentate ligands, their coordination chemistry with transition-metals, and their applications to homogeneous catalysis.


P,N-ligands, hybrid ligands, hemilabile ligands, transition-metal homogeneous catalysis, chiral ligands, asymmetric catalysis


National Hellenic Research Foundation, Institute of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Vas. Constantinou 48, 116 35 Athens, Greece.

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