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Recent Multiple Transition Metal Catalysed Single-Pot Reactions

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 2 ]


Anthony J. Burke, Vanda R. Marinho and Olivia M.R. Furtado   Pages 94 - 119 ( 26 )


Over the last several years the need to improve efficiency and minimize waste has spurred chemists to develop new catalysts for a wider range of reactions that was previously only achievable using stoichiometric reagents. A very powerful approach at achieving this goal is through the use of multiple transition metal catalysed one-pot processes, whereby the desired target compound is synthesised in a single work-up step. In this review we highlight some of the most significant developments in this field that have occurred over the last 10 years.


Multiple catalysis, tandem catalysis, metathesis, cross-coupling, metal-mediated cyclisation, addition, siteisolation


Departamento de Quimica and Centro de Quimica de Evora, Universidade de Evora, Rua Romao Romalho 59, 7000 Evora, Portugal.

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