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Synthesis and Applications of Group 14-metalated Arylboranes

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 5 ]


Pawel Kurach and Sergiusz Lulinski   Pages 701 - 720 ( 20 )


The review deals with the chemistry of bimetallic systems containing boron and one of group 14 metalloids or metals attached to the aromatic nucleus. Synthetic approaches to these compounds are described. This is followed by an overview on various applications of these compounds in organic synthesis, supramolecular and material chemistry.


Bimetallic reagents, Arylboranes, Arylsilanes, Arylstannanes, cross-coupling, fluoride sensing, Group 14-metalated, Aromatic nucleus, Supramolecular and Material Chemistry, Suzuki coupling


Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Physical Chemistry, Noakowskiego 3, 00-664 Warsaw, Poland.

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