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Synthesis of Oxacyclic Derivatives Using Ionic Liquids as a Reaction Medium

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 1 ]


Marta Teijeira and Aliuska Morales-Helguera   Pages 65 - 73 ( 9 )


This review presents the recent applications of RTILs (Room Temperature Ionic Liquids) as reaction media in the main oxacyclic synthesis. Advantages and disadvantages of this green reaction media are described throughout the manuscript. Specifically allusion is made to the rates, mild conditions, co-catalyst, toxicity as well as the possibility of RTIL recycle, compared to the classical volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By showing all the information collected from the literature about this topic, we also expect to motivate the wide scientific community involved in the field of organic synthesis, to use RTILs as environmental friendly solvents and encourage the research on green chemistry.


Coumarins, Flavones, Furans, Green Chemistry, Ionic Liquids, Oxacyclic Synthesis, Pyrans, Xanthenes, RTIL recycle, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Oxacycles


Departamento de Quimica Organica,Facultade de Quimica, Universidade de Vigo, 36310, Vigo, Spain.

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