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Recent Developments on the Synthesis and Cleavage of tert-Butyl Ethers and Esters for Synthetic Purposes and Fuel Additive Uses

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 1 ]


Letizia Sambri*, Giuseppe Bartoli, Giorgio Bencivenni and Renato Dalpozzo   Pages 137 - 148 ( 12 )


tert-Butyl esters are frequently employed in multi-step synthesis, especially with amino acid derivatives, and their importance is well established. On the contrary, tert-butyl ethers received less attention owing to the difficulties in their preparation and cleavage. Recently the tert-butyl ethers found employment also as fuel additives thus their synthesis became important and various protocols were developed. The present article will cover the developments of the synthesis and cleavage of the tert-butyl esters and the tert-butyl ethers in the new millennium.


oxygenate fuel additive, protecting groups, tert-butyl esters cleavage, tert-butyl esters synthesis, tert-butyl ethers cleavage, tert-butyl ethers synthesis, orthogonality, aromatic alcohols, oxygenated compounds, Chemische Werke Huels, tert-butoxy group, tert-butyl ethers


Universita di Bologna, Dipartimento di Chimica Organica “A. Mangini”, viale Risorgimento 4, I-40136 Bologna, Italy.

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